Jane and Finch is neighborhood in the city of Toronto that is predominantly populated by African Canadians. It is known for its gun and drug crime. Many of the gun crimes are a result of gang warfare. Southside is Bloods territory and Northside is Crips territory.
by dustintml May 25, 2007
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Many people consider this the most crime infested neighbourhood in Toronto, the drug dealers and gangs have leaked out to all directions of these streets for quite a while, it is comparable to some parts of LA or Chicago in '86. However there are still many phonies and doushbags who use the name of the neighbourhood to scare ppl when they have no back
"My buddies went to jane and shepherd to fight some guys and they got jumped by 26 nigs"
by the angry mexican December 14, 2004
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Notoriously the worst neighborhood in Toronto, plagued by crime and violence.
by matt November 18, 2004
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Firstly, Jane and Finch is a great neighborhood. It is located in Toronto in the former North York region. Although I cannot deny the fact that Jane and Finch has a some flaws, it is wrong to categorize everyone that lives in Jane and Finch as a looser and ganagster wannabes. Jane and Finch was one of the first Government housing projects in Toronto. Due to this there are a lot of immigrants there, who are rather desperate, which, in a way explains some of the activity that goes on in that area. Despite all the negativity that people associate with Jane and Finch, there are a lot of scholars there who are attending post secondary school and are making something of themselves.
I have been living in Jane and Finch since I was 5 years old. I am currently 19 and attend the University of Western Ontario. Whoever the imbecile is that took the time to write all those untruthful and degrading comments about the residents of the Jane and Finch area needs to get a fucking life. It says you're from Kingston Ontario, what could you possibly know about Jane and Finch you trifling bitch. I wish I had something to say about Kingston, Ontario, but unfortunately nothing great has come out of Kingston, Ontario, so there's not much to talk about. They should have founded a better city for Queens University. I'm glad I rejected their offer and went to Western, I'd hate to have to come across ignorant people like that.
by Jane and Finch Representative January 27, 2007
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Jane and Finch is not exactly "PLAGUED" with violence and crime. It has more crime than some other parts of Toronto, and it's been somewhat worse this summer (2005). But there are so many wonderful, talented, smart, kind, hardworking people who live there, too. I wish people would stop being so down on Jane and Finch, because bad expectations only perpetuate the bad realities.
"I wish you would stop thinking you have to be a thug just because you live at Jane and Finch."
by Mukul August 10, 2005
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Contrary to the top explanation of Jane and Finch, it's not an "African Canadian" ghetto, not even a ghetto at all.

Jane and Finch south is 24% Black, north is 29% Black.

There's a lot of other races proportionately distributed, which is why approximately 100 languages are spoken there.

83% of Toronto's Black population live in middle-class or upper class neighbourhoods in which they make up 6% of the population or less. 17% in low-income neighborhoods.
Jane and Finch is a vibrant community with a lot of success stories that are often hidden under negative RACIST stereotypes exaggerated by the media.
by Blacc P. March 14, 2021
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low class area in Toronto, Canada filled with housing projects & lotz of african-americans & asians. Gun violence has struck the city and is very common. This is arguably the worst neighborhood in Canada with a lot of gangster rapperz.
English Man "a mate u from Jane-Finch Canada eh? u must have sum canadian bacon?"

"na dawg but i got a canadian style klip fo yo ass bitch"
by kaliboy July 3, 2006
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