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Intransitive verb.

To voluntarily cohabitate with roommates or housemates during or after your late twenties, when you all have jobs and are considered to be proper adults. A decision made out of friendship rather than financial necessity.
A: So, you moved out of your old place?
B: Yeah, I wanted to jamp with Paul and Jen, so we got a house together in Santa Monica.
A: Why would you want to live with roommates? Did you lose your job or something?
B: No man, we're just jamping. We're really good friends. It's been great.
by Minister of Truth January 06, 2013
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A made-up word that is used in place of the word 'jumped' in some areas of Scotland
I pure jamp over that wall by the way and landed in them jaggy nettles
by JumpednotJamp January 16, 2011
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A past term verb indicating when something was jumped over. Used candidly now to refer to TV series, films and celebrities last finest moment. (Eytm - Jump The Shark circa 1995)
I think the TV show Enterprise jamp at the opening credits.

Cruise jamp when he dumped Kidman.

It's a shame the Fonz jamp that shark.
by m0r1arty June 09, 2006
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To jump. This is a real word.
I jamp over that fence
I jamp over that balloon
I jamp over that cricketeer
I jamp over that gramaphone
I jamp over that wanker
by pewp. April 22, 2006
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J.A.M.P: acronym for Just Ate Must Poop.

a verb; when a person has recently consumed a meal and is suddenly struck with the urge to defecate.
"I definitely need to jamp after this indian dinner"

"Nothing makes me jamp more then burrito lunch at the cafeteria"
by titsmiggie January 11, 2011
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A "jamp" is anything. It is a word that is used to replace the actual word of the object. In simple words it is another word for "thing".
Look at that car. = Look at that JAMP! or Some of that JAMP!!!
by D. Rice November 13, 2007
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