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(verb): to constantly be in action, mobilizing, mostly all at once
kristin jamieled her stats, econ, calculus and comp sci homework last night
by jamiel sheikh January 25, 2008
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A fucktard ass nigga that looks like the kid of a naked mole rat and a blobfish if you see him your eyes will look into your brain. The only time he's ever got close to a girl was when she confronted him about his ugliness
Damn that nigga as ugly as Jamiel
by xXTHESAUCEGODXx May 20, 2018
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That one person that is loved and will always have your back. He is the type of person that will treat a girl right and will always be honest no matter what when you get to know him you will see he is a great person.
Jamiel is a nice person and is always honest with me.
by XxviperxX January 20, 2019
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