Proof that not all Southerners are right-wing. Louisiana-bred pundit who was made famous for running Clinton's presidential campaign in 1992. Notorious for being extremely liberal, and very vocal about what he believes in. Ironically enough he's married to Mary Matalin a devout Republican, whom he met while she was supporting Bush during that same 1992 campaign.

Is still active today.
Yeah Republicans hate James Carville, but is that a surprise? Have you heard the guy?
by Lame Liberal February 21, 2006
A liberal asshole who actually believes the shit that comes from his pie hole! That little brown, spider hole between the butt cheeks of the democrat party.

Also, see democrap.
When Bill Clinton mooned the citizens of the U.S. in his depositions, he shot us the james carville.
by sven June 10, 2004
An ugly-ass bastard from Louisiana who is a die-hard liberal and also a southern redneck at the same time; isn't that an oxymoron?
James Carville is an imbred, ultra-liberal, swamp-dwelling redneck
by Weak Ass Bitches November 18, 2004
Ugly-ass, balding redneck son of a bitch politician from Louisiana. He, for some unthinkable reason, married a Republican woman. He has a face that is so ugly, he makes rats and blind kids cry. I think he should rot in Hell just for being a dumbass piece of white trash and for being so fucking fugly.
Carville in some stupid commercial from 2003 or early 2004: ...So we can argue over which one of mah cousins makes duh bes' gumbo!
by Ur Mom October 27, 2004