40 definitions by Ur Mom

an unlethal dose of weakness
u cant lift that penny cuz u took vitamin e
by Ur Mom November 6, 2003
a person with an extreme amount of freckles who trys to act black
1. steve saucer is such a frigger
2.matt folkimore only w/ freckles
by Ur Mom November 12, 2003
ADJ. When something is very 1337 and can be used freely with skateboard/snowboard tricks

Also a ADV. When something is done in an uber like style
ADJ - That sick ass move he did was pretty damn uber!

ADV - He busted the move uberly
by Ur Mom March 5, 2004
A great threat to use against someone, and especially helpful when you want someone to stop talking bad about you or doing derogatory things to you.
So if you wanna get your mother fuckin cranium cracked, then step right up and keep talking that shit!
by Ur Mom October 26, 2004
Ugly-ass, balding redneck son of a bitch politician from Louisiana. He, for some unthinkable reason, married a Republican woman. He has a face that is so ugly, he makes rats and blind kids cry. I think he should rot in Hell just for being a dumbass piece of white trash and for being so fucking fugly.
Carville in some stupid commercial from 2003 or early 2004: ...So we can argue over which one of mah cousins makes duh bes' gumbo!
by Ur Mom October 27, 2004
i am not needing a bj right now. come back later u nigga.
Hey billy. Jimmy says "Bounce ur shizzle off his hizzle my nizzle!" he wants u latta.
by Ur Mom May 6, 2003