40 definitions by Ur Mom

1.music where u the singers scream and u cant understand the words
2. the best type of music ever
mayhem,cradle of filth, canniable corpse, behemoth, naglfar
by Ur Mom March 21, 2005
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someone whos rubs the boobs of the female partner....if u catch my drift
by Ur Mom November 21, 2003
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a guy named rudy that is nudy and guy named matt that is fruity and he has a crush on him
you want nudyrudy's noodle in ur hoodle
by Ur Mom February 22, 2003
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1 out of 8 of all yous guys's moms. Some redneck "Ma's" like to hang out at shitty bars full of dirty men of the same class that smell really bad and know not much. They have every recipe on how to prepare squirell and possum.
LeAnn brought home some trashy redneck guy from the Puke'N Piss Pub and introduced him to her sister. Her sister, Josie-Sue, said "Ah jus' got dun cookin......so yall want some frah-ed gourmet possum?"
by Ur Mom September 15, 2004
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Short People Club(people who kick-ass) don't judge us cause were short
person 1: are u apart of the s.p.c

person 2: hell yeah
by Ur Mom April 02, 2005
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