Known as the worlds first RAWRSTAR.

La Glam-Rock Romeo

Matalin is The famed Gypsy Prince of Glam,Blood, & Glitter.
a poetic blend of Adonis/Casanova whos very words bring forth carnal passion & the greatest of venereal thoughts
to those who hail him as a stimulating symbol of elegant
pulchritude aswell as blessed god of sensual affinity.

Said to be Charming enough to make the devil himself blush, and the hips to make him sell his soul

A true poet aswell as glamour icon he brings to life both the thoughts of this world and the next,

With musical talents that reach the same great heights and inflame the agnate senses aswell he is currently in work on a emphatically anticipated EP.

Matalin is a girls greatest desire with the impeccable and breathtaking hips that make more than my mouth drip.
by La Aphrodite August 6, 2007