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Worst president the United States has ever had?
His own papa or Reagan pull in for a close second.

Started the war in Iraq by basically milking the life out of the 9/11 attacks in NYC.
The war today seems to rival Vietnam, if not surpass it, in atrocity, as far as American history is concerned.

His idiotic behavior and decisions have not only plunged the U.S. into the biggest deficit it's ever seen, but also brought practically the entire world to come to hate the United States and Americans in general.
Why exactly did the majority of Americans vote for George W. Bush for a SECOND term?
Does it only prove that the major of the country is stupid?
by Lame Liberal October 21, 2005
Proof that not all Southerners are right-wing. Louisiana-bred pundit who was made famous for running Clinton's presidential campaign in 1992. Notorious for being extremely liberal, and very vocal about what he believes in. Ironically enough he's married to Mary Matalin a devout Republican, whom he met while she was supporting Bush during that same 1992 campaign.

Is still active today.
Yeah Republicans hate James Carville, but is that a surprise? Have you heard the guy?
by Lame Liberal February 21, 2006
Extremely underrated bassist for the legendary British punk band, The Clash.
His upbringing in Brixton gave him a love for reggae which left a definite mark on some of the Clash's work, and helped produce one of their most memorable songs, "The Guns of Brixton", which Paul also sang on.
The youngest of the group, he was known just as much for his bass playing as he was for his good looks during the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Immortalized on the cover of their swan-song double vinyl, London Calling.

Now resides in England and keeps up with his first love, painting.
Everyone remembers Joe Strummer, and most remember Mick Jones, but why don't so many remember Paul Simonon?
by Lame Liberal October 21, 2005