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She is usually very clumsy,awkward, funny, short, quiet, nice, and very kind. She is a one of a kind girl that always sees the bright side of every problem and loves to hang out with everybody.
Wow look at that girl she's such a Jalynne
by Ilovepickles2k17 December 21, 2016
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Jalynne is smart and very active. She finds boys sometimes a distraction and gets shy around them. Her loved one has to be the perfect one for her. One that makes her feel safe, always give her attention, one she can trust. Like how most girls like it. It's always safe if you're on their good side. If you chose to be friends with her she'll love you forever and you'll have a great time being friends. But be aware, If you annoy/upset her she'll gladly destroy you. You can always tell when she's upset or mad. If you're texting or talking with her you will tell her excitement like usual went down. She is the most Beautiful, Shy, Brave, Funniest, Loving person in the world.
Wow, look at that girl she's such a Jalynne.
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by xXmysteriousXx December 06, 2017
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