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Jalynn means a usually nice, caring person. They're only mean when they have to be. They care for their friends and family and are quick to defend them. They are beautiful, gawgus beings. Lots of boys think they are pretty and would love to top them. They can seem innocent and shy at first but get to know them and they can be the funniest , craziest person you know. But, they are quick to bring out their shy , innocent personality which is pretty attractive. They can get irritated easily due to the fact that most of them are gemini's. They are also extremely educated and have many haters.
Person 1 : Jalynn is soo cool .
Person 2 : I know and her shyness is soo hot i just wanna grab her and make out with her .
Person 1 : Right on ! Not to mention how beautiful she is ..
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The name that girls have. It may be confused with Jalen or Jailyn which are boy and girl names. It means "most precious" and is an English name. Sometimes it is hard to pronounce or hard to spell.
That girl's name is Jalynn. It is SO hard to pronounce!
by coolgirl100 March 13, 2012
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A very nice and mysterious person.Makes friends really easily but is very picky.Usually Missinderstood.Has to deal with people not knowing how to say/spell there name ALOT.Usually a girl name but you can find a guy named jalynn sometimes, spelled Jaylin.Not treated the same and a little twisted (in a good way).True to there friends and will never ever do something to hurt them no matter what.And is very tough and competitive.Very VERY pretty.
Person 1:Did you hear about Jalynn?
Person 2:yeah, She's the one that got into that fight.
Person 1:yeah she beat that girl up!Ohh she looked so hot during it!!
by Fangurllin4RandL May 14, 2015
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A calm, caring, compassionate person who is generally short in stature. JaLynn's are commonly unique people with very open minds. They tend to give out enormous amounts of compassion to complete strangers. They have a natural knack for being able to understand other's stressful and difficult situations and are very good at handling them. Although having amazing social abilities, JaLynn's can change their personalities at will, making a seemingly harmless conversation into a awkward moment for everyone engaged in the conversation.
Person 1: So did you like her?
Person 2: Yea she's a real Jalynn.
Person 3: That's not always a good thing...
by Anonymousmanperson1 August 27, 2010
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1. A type of dog that is very small in size.

2. An adjective to any noun meaning small in size. Can either be incredibly small or a larger small.
1. Dude, I didn't know your dog was part Jalynn! Its so tiny!

2. Her jalynn boyfriend is much smaller than her.
by May 26, 2009
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Jalynn is the prettiest girl you´ll meet. She loved BTS and most Korean pop groups.
If you can find a girl named Jalynn (NOT spelled Jaylinn) you´re set. She will treat you with love and will care fot you every day that you´re together. And of course, she is VERY HOT.
Her bf: Jalynn is the hottest
Her friend: Yeah she is
Jalynn: I guess I´m ok
by DiegoLainez10 May 14, 2019
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she is a person who like girls/gay she will be a thot and she will like condoms work at a job that sell them
jalynn is a a girl who likes girls
via giphy
by symoree February 15, 2018
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