The most beautiful region of Massachusetts.
The opposite of the North Shore (worst place in the U.S.).
The South Shore softball team always wins when the play the North Shore.
by botox January 20, 2005
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everyday after school and in the summer, just as the weather reaches 70, students at THS pack anywhere from 5-12 kids in their shitty beat up cars and drive to LC's South Shore. By day, the beach is gorgeous and everyone knows that THE spot is directally in front of the parking lot, or past the pee pond on the other side of the fence.

Girls tend to wear close to nothing, tan w/ obnoxiously huge sunglasses and wait to spot people they know, call them to their spot, talk for a while and when they walk away make fun of how their packing an extra 5 pounds on their ass. Sometimes they build up enough courage to enter the waters neer the rocks and stike up a convorsation w/ the "surfers." Occational volleyball playing neer the tide too.
For the dudes its all about how many chicks numbers they can get. Also nipple peek-a-boo contests will be held. Trucker hats, avaitors, and a shaved chest are a must when you have a penis at south shore. Football, soccer, volleyball and sometimes hackey sacks are played with awaiting the night time spendor of the Shore.

but by night is a whooole diffrent story. All the old people, small chirldren, and fat chicks leave by 5. This is when the real partying begins. Fires are made by the pits and BYOB is a way of life. Everyone comes together around 1 fire, mingling is importang. There is nothing better than sitting by the fire, someone palying an acustic guitar in the background and swiggin' a Bud Light.
South Shore is the highlight of my life. 09' so fineeee
by Ilovesouthshorebeach May 26, 2007
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A piece of chewing gum that someone keeps safe in the side of their mouth for later chewing. This is fairly standard for people living in the South Shore, Massachusetts.
Sarah's been chewing that same piece of gum for 7 hours; she's a fairly well experienced South Shore cud woman.
by notpip June 24, 2009
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A rundown area of Blackpool that holds the stereotype of being a crackhead haven. Has Pleasure Beach and Blackpool FC serving as distractions from the dull and depressing lives of those in South Shore.
If you're in South Shore, question how your life led you there in the first place.
by MCTescoman October 21, 2021
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The most crackheaded hood in Montreal. Even the feds be sniffing lines on that side of the city.
Yoo I wanna go to Montreal this summer you coming with me ?
Fosho but let's not go to South Shore Montreal. The feds will arrest you for not doing crack.
by chrisndj December 12, 2019
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