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Stornoway: a place...think "Cheers" but Much MUCH bigger. everybody knows your name, your maothers name, your cats name....
*the following takes place daily on Stornoway...*
"Oh look, it's Anne!"
"Oh you know what i heard about her and Kenny-there-you-go....."
(An uninteresting conversation ensues)
by Stabby3721 July 10, 2006
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Pretty shit island tbh u have like the bible shaggers going bout staring you down and then u have the weirdos that cut there hair rly short and listen to bts, you have the ones that hang around smoking, tanning bottles a bucky and doing buckets, wearing their matching trackies and there air max’s most likely in there usual spots,
•outside co-op
•bridge center
•cearns (obvs)

•outside Ann lanntair

•the grounds

And tbh a few other places lol. Then there’s the skets and tbh there pretty bad bc mos of them are like 15 ish and they have done so much lol and the fuckboys are always feeling them up and that it’s sad tbh. The boys just hang around on bikes and the girls just sit about in Starbucks and that. Everyone does that Sarahah shite which is so annoying, they all wait for the fair or hebcelt so that they can get fucked and end up taking Eccies, you will get ripped off if u buy anything from a dealer unless your sound with them,

In all it’s just junkie paradise x
Guy 1: Got some lines when I was up in Stornoway

Guy 2: wtf this is flour
by Bridgecenterfan July 12, 2018
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A place where old people go to die. Also it's the keyboard gangster of the world. The thugs are like midges. They're annoying but won't actually do any damage.
Your gran and grandad have moved to stornoway, we'll miss them dearly.
by Ifuckedyerdog May 15, 2017
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