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jagan- a japanese term loosely translated as 'evil eye'. Gives it's weilder the powers of telepathy, telekinesis, an easier time learning swordsmanship, god-like speed, and the attack know as 'The Dragon of the Darkness Flame'. Those who posses jagan eyes are know as jaganshi.
The charecter Hiei from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho has a jagan eye.
by sisko66002 March 11, 2005
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1) Comes from the word 'Jagah' in Sanskrit, meaning Place or Land or Location. It is another name of Lord Vishnu (the maintainer of living beings on earth) considered the husband of Mother Earth (the place or land) from his 2nd avatar of Koorma (Boar) where he saves the Mother Earth from a Demon and marries her protecting her.

2) It is also a nick name formed from 'Jagan'nath (Jagah + Nath(king / ruler / husband), again representing Lord Vishnu.

Descriptions of this name can be found in the ancient books in India in Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi and other languages including the Sutras, Vedas and Bhagavad Gita.
Jagannath (Jagah + Nath), Jagadeesh (Jagah + Eesh(represents Lord Shiva the annihaltor of life)), Jaganmohini (Jagah + Mohini(represents a lady)), Jagadambal (Jagah + Ambal(represents a lady godess))
by Jagan June 30, 2006
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Any of a series of words or phrases created or manifested by a pairing of individuals by the names of "Jay" and "Megan"... Collectively, Jagan is produced. Also can be considered a form of jargon that is otherwise inexplicable against the concoctions of this duo.
"Come hither and join the ranks of the -Sarcasmists-"...

"What is the noun form of despise?... -Despisicion-." Ex. "I carry my despisicion toward that hairy man!"

All phrases are amorphic and subject to change at the will of their creators.
by Creator #1: Jay *~BuMHeD~* January 29, 2004
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