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1. to have sex often without regard to those living around you
2. sexual acts that involve disregarding the sanctity of a living spaces inhabitants
3. the release of semen while having sex that exiles a roomate
John: "Hey Sarah. Want to jadam with me later?"
Sarah: "Sure. As long as you don't jadam in my hair."
by wolff2010 November 23, 2010
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Doing a Jadams refers to getting deeply offended by a sarcastic comment made over msn and then telling your mum and the cyber police.
That gold chain is really cool", "Thanks" "...if you're a member of the Village People", "You're a bully i'll do a jadams!
by clayfacedart April 19, 2011
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Usually refers to that person whose last name is Adams but you couldn't remember anything about the first name other then the fact it started with a 'J' (or you didn't want to get thier name wrong because that person has a twin with a first name also starting with a J).
Person 1: Hey how's it goin Juh...Joh...Jeh.. er, Jadams?
Jon: Good?
by Siberian Liger January 12, 2009
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the term "going jadams" refers to playing call of duty with the usage of a shotgun, mainly the spas, and running around the entire map non-stop killing everyone in sight.
Im gonna go jadams on your ass
by GoW I VaNNiLLa October 10, 2010
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1. adverb

A person who is unfailing in his/her commitment to fart and light the gas (Blue flame).

2. adverb

A person who is an ort and eats lots of beans grown in Texas

3. adjective

A rare term used to describe someone who drinks enormous amounts of root beer, drinks girl drinks, and makes his kids drink creamsicle soda to save more of his root beer.
1. Man i met a guy who Jadams alot, mostly when he rides his bike.

2. Ther was a huge price fluctuation of Texan pinto beans in Arizona today when a Jadams bought and consumed all of Texas' bean output for the year.

3. Man, such a nice day and BBQ and then that dude pulled a Jadams.
by Richard Socher May 17, 2009
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to flip a bag and never fumble it

bag turns into 💰
by jadamsdagreat March 15, 2019
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