A medium- to large-sized bathtub, used by two or more people at once. Primarily used by blond boys
“Me and some other blonde boys were boilin in the juh last night, you should join us sometime.”
by NoodleGoblin April 13, 2020
This word works in many different scenarios depending on your annunciation.
Can be used in place of words such as yes, ya-huh, hello, yo, and what up.
ie. Ring ring: "Juh, who is this"

me: You want to come with us?

you: "Juh"

me: dang she's hot!
you: "Juh"

me: "Juh" with a head nod
you: "Juh" nodding back
by Juh Jimps February 2, 2010
pronounced ʒa (like the french "jean" but without the N)
Dope, sick, etc.
Leftie: Yo did you peep the new Jaguar F-TYPE?
Tokyo: Yeah, G, that shit's juh.

Alice: Hey did you hear about Jamie's party?
Olivia: Yeah. I hope it's juh.
by JJ Sheo July 26, 2019
same as jeah and jeah
.said like jughh

freind:hey you wanna go chill fam O.
by azay waldo January 11, 2008
Juh (pn) - A monosyllabic moniker for any person of Vietnamese descent given the name "Juhn Thao," or, any person claiming such name as a direct Vietnamese translation of his or her own name.
3.-"Who all's over there?"
-"Me, Shryle, Colinz, Stee, Ri, Z, Iee, and Juh."

Common Misspelling: June
by Juh July 27, 2006
just vibe; ie “just vibe”
twin juh vibe like… ur ahh is not juh vibing, like at all🤨
by BigBerthaWithExtraGirtha December 13, 2022