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Jacorious,is the most caring person there is,he’s honest,loyal,strong,and crazy he cares deeply ina relationship he will fight for his love no matter what she did until she takes it to far.I would wanna be ina relationship with jacorious if I were you.In other words jacorious means an viagra flower. The Viagra flower contains the substance of chemicals that when you smell it it makes bothe femal and mal hormones jump eager to have sex. The viagra flower can be very dangerous in some occasions, deadly at times. Jacorious, is also know for king...very protective over his belongings and property. Very mindful of kids wife and pets. Hopefully you will be blessed enough to be in the presence of anyone named jacorious they are super rare cause the name was long gone after, 1789 until 1997. The name still stands till today
I want a man to love me the way Jacorious would love his wife.
by The most loving May 19, 2018
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