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the most amazing beautiful girl in the entire world. the most gorgeus person. she shines so bright that they need sun glasses just to look at her beauty. she's got the body of a godess:)
she is an amazing person that never needs to change!
damn, that girl is a jacey. shatwy ain't a teeenn, she a jacey. godess.
by yo; gwen October 05, 2008
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a wonderfully great person who is destined to have many boyfriends and go far in life and eternally be happy.
a kick ass kid
Man i love it when I can hang out with Jacey
by immakickass September 08, 2008
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The best fucking person you will ever meet she has bright eyes and she glows ask anybody they should know
Boy 1: Damn have u seen jacey
Boy 2: Yeah id hit that

Girl 1: Everyone loves her

Girl 2: She can be a bitch tho
by lovepinis December 19, 2016
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A rare name. Not pronounced JC. but, Jacey like Lacey. The people who have this name are the bomb for whatever reason.
Bob: "Her name is Jacey."
Bill: "Wow that's a cool name."
by bouttime September 06, 2008
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Jacey is a free spirit and very very pretty. She does what she wants and gives not a damn. She is extremely loyal to her friends and family. A little quiet, a little reserved and a little awkward sometimes, but if you get a few drinks in her she is super fun and the life of the party. She can make everyone feel loved and appreciated. You will not find a more loyal friend on the planet. Jacey is super nice, but if you do someone she loves wrong, Kiss your ass goodbye. Has a bueatiful smile and pretty eyes. She is a bit thicc and we love it. If you know a Jacey you are extremely lucky. Keep her around because you will likely only ever meet 1.
"Yeah... I knew a Jacey once. She moved away and I may never be truly happy again."
by Ghostingya'll April 05, 2019
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Jacey, is the name given to the prettiest girl in school, Jacey knows her excelent academic and cosmetic brilliance. She exceeds what natural beauty has gifted upon the common person. She is rightfully self absorbed and aware that everyone is lesser than her.
"Gosh Jacey is so pretty, Ill never be as pretty as her!"
by Savacer May 06, 2019
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