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A tough minded, cold hearted
female. Won't take bullshit from
anyone, speaks her mind without
worrying about who's listening.
Attracts unwanted attention with
just her presence. Girls dislike her
because they envy such an
attitude. Itza can be your best
friend or your worse enemy. When
a guy looks at her they are stunt by
such a beauty. If you ever met an
Itza you will never forget such a
person, her eyes are unforgettable.
Itza is an example of something done right.
by itza is amazing February 07, 2014
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First thing you notice about her are the eyes , she has such beautiful captivating eyes , she’s a very strong woman , who may seem happy and cool at first , but may be just as dark and twisty as you are , she’s always there for you even when things go wrong.
You may think she’s all looks , but she’s a very complicated and twisted person on the inside , the chances of you falling for her are very high. Just a very unforgettable human being.
Wow, Itza is amazing
I may have a crush on Itza
by Yee Yee McGee July 10, 2018
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Itza is a very very beautiful amazing girl she’s so cute and especially when she smiles, she will keep you really really happy she will keep you smiling and she gonna make you laugh a lot and also when you make fun of her she will tell you to shuttt uppp but when she says that she sounds so damn cuteeee she has an amazing personality, don’t play with her heart cause she has the best heart ever and she doesn’t deserve to be hurt.
Be like itza oh wait you can’t be that special like her
by April 16, 2019
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