A person of Italian descent living in Appalachian America (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, etc,).

Usually these people can actually cook amazing food, instead of just telling you about how good their old school Italian relatives cook.
I love eating ital-billy ravioli. It is like a pierogi meatball.
by BigGuy40 April 6, 2020
When you're niggatry and speech patterns become straight ebonics.
"Eye eet awn da cheeken da cheeken sew gewd!"

"My dude is speaking italics."
by Bababooey22 November 2, 2020
The only true religion on the planet, devoted to the worship of the word of Jimmy, the religion's central figure.
What is you religion? Is it Catolico, Hew-ish, Itallics...
by Yimni June 19, 2003
describes shnoobs that have been worn down on one side of the heal, creating an italic finish.
goddamn!! my shnoobs, they have slowly fallen into an italic state.
by MC Boonge August 14, 2003
using caps or italics to indicate heavy sarcasm on instant messenger. When used in person, a high pitched voice and excessive head nodding is used to denote the intended italic sarcasm.
NcStateMark: Dude you're such a loser shutup.
Bosoxfanatic220: Mark. HAS FRIENDS.
NcStateMark: NOT RACIST.
Bosoxfanatci220: TALL.
by Sawyer April 9, 2006
Italic sarcasm is saying a statement with a heavy sarcasm on words such as she, he, that, not and other major words (a higher pitched voice than usual is also necessary to get full effect). It is usually used to make fun of people, primarily in comebacks. When trying to use this style of speaking on aim, one usually puts the sarcastic word in italics or caps.
Sitting in Spanish class...

Mark: Hey Matt you suck at Spanish.
Matt: oh YOU'VE got friends.
Mark: NOT gay

Observers: Wow, Matt and Mark having a pretty bad italic sarcasm fight.
by Sawyer Hicks February 16, 2006
it's a more demeaning word derived from Originality
Your Odd-itality is over 9000
by Peelo123 June 30, 2011