Stands for internal terestrial. The alien that lives inside your gal-bladder
My I.T. has been protecting my body for years now.
by XxLuvDentzxX December 01, 2010
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It " A creature of unknown gender that one must look twice or more to define or get a hold of its sexuality and or its sexual preference"
Emo guys - Goth Girls

A transvestite

A female that looks masculine

or a male that looks feminine
by Nicknacksss October 22, 2010
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Neutral pronoun used in infamous example coined by Larry Flynt of 'Hustler' fame.
"Relax it's just sex!" - Larry Flynt
by downtownjasper November 16, 2007
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The name of terrifying and ugly creature from a book with the same name by Stephen King. Something people call people they don't like to insult them.
Random Person: Shut up!!!
You: Yes "It"!
via giphy
by Bookworm180 December 15, 2017
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How's you computer?, have you fixed IT yet?

-Finally we have a definition of It that makes sence, god.. im a genius-
by Genuismaster June 20, 2005
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Used to reference a person who may appear to be gender inspecific. Generally used in the third person. This isn't suggesting that 'it' is a third gender but merely agreeing to reference the person in a gender neutral way. Often applied to girls with short hair (dykes?) and boys with long hair (jesus?).
Mr a: "is that person a boy, girl or an it?"
Mr b: "i dunno but its ugly!"
by Monki-info July 09, 2005
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