It got worse and worse and worse. Really bad. Shockingly bad. To the point it needs to be announced aloud so people are aware of exactly how bad it's got.
by Flimsco April 5, 2020

1. during a threesome involving one man and two women. the women are stacked stomach too back and the man assumes a kneeling position behind them and proceeds to push his penis from one girl to the next, starting with the bottom girl working his way up. Or reverse the order and direction for variations.
The highlight of my threesome was when i pulled the escalator on the two of them. Next time I think I'm gonna add another floor!
by 42 guys under the Rainbow October 17, 2011
moving staircase (not to be confused with the moving staircases in Harry Potter) used to make walking up stairs easier. Its like taking the worst part about elevators (makes you fat) and stairs (takes too long) and putting it all in one convenient location.
Guy 1: Dude lets take the escalator
Guy 2: Why?
Guy 1: Because escalators are slow and make me fat!
by darkshadow29 July 29, 2010
become greater or more serious
your gonna escalate the situation if you continue instulting people
by fresh prince May 22, 2005
"Was Jenny at your house last night?"

"Yeah I escalated her."
by cocoap3bbles February 28, 2019
Escalitis is a curable disease. It can be described as a certain diarrhea of the mouth… One in which standard logic is thrown out the window like most normal people have and an extreme, instigating comment is belched out with little thought or regard to offensiveness.
The female in this conversation has escalitis:

Male: You look tired and sound conjested, are you coming down with a cold?

Female: Your face looks more tired than a used condomn, you sound like a teenage squirrel, and sicker than an HIV Bank!
by SomeGuyWhoMetAGirl February 26, 2010
Essentially a set of moving stairs which transport an individual from high ground to low ground or from low ground to high ground.

There is a commonly ignored rule of escalator etiquette which states that people are to walk on the left and stand on the right sides of the escalator. Many people ignore this rule and stand on both sides of the escalator resuling in escalator traffic jams. These jams are especially annoying when people are in a rush.

Many people believe escalators are indicatave of the laziness of the human race. Instead or walking up stairs, people insist on being effortlessly floated to the top of their staircase. This is one of the reasons among thousands, that the world is becoming so obese.
Guy: Don't take the stairs, let's take the escalator - it's less effort.
Guy 2: Yeah, but I don't want to become fat like you.

Employee: I was late because people on the escalator didn't follow the proper escalator etiquette! There was an escalator jam!
Manager:'re fired.
by Matt Cowan October 28, 2007