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when your under supervision by a probation officer, whilst on probation you cannot commit any more crimes
it must be bad to be on probation
by fresh prince February 26, 2005

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a long chocolate bar, probably the longest one you can buy
"And I'm still loco enough
To choke you to death wit a Charleston chew"- Dr. Dre- forgot about dre
by fresh prince June 22, 2005

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become greater or more serious
your gonna escalate the situation if you continue instulting people
by fresh prince May 22, 2005

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marinol is weed in pillform
lets take some marinol
by fresh prince July 31, 2005

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obsessive-compulsive disorder:
a mental illness which causes someone who has it to do something repeatedly for no reason
if you got OCD you might wash you hands repeatedly thinking that they are never clean
by fresh prince May 10, 2005

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if word begins with a vowel then you at 'yay' at the end (ie out becomes outyay)
if word begins witha consonant then you move the consonants to the end but only up to the first vowel, then you add 'ay' to the end(ie streight becomes eightstray)
i cant think of an example = i antcay inkthay ofyay anyay exampleyay
by fresh prince February 14, 2005

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1. mental illness in which someone cannot understand what is real and what is imaginary
2. (INFORMAL) when someone has two different personalities
i'm not schizophrenic
but i am
by fresh prince May 12, 2005

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