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The most beautiful girl in the world. She's intelligent, beautiful, compassionate and puts others first. Pure at heart, funny too. You would be lucky to have a Isha in your life
That girl is amazing she must be a Isha
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by SamIsh19872007 January 31, 2019
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Isha is a princess who will have many success in her life and will have that perfect boyfriend who will one day start of as a bestfreind after a year or so turn to her boyfriend her king.
by cookie monster9015 February 20, 2018
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A girl with thousand dreams . Well focused on her career .Knows well to Hide her emotions and care for others emotion .Put her family as her priorities. A good secret keeper, Loyal , passionate and friendly girl. U are blessed if u have a Isha in your life.
Is that coolest person Isha
by Islavicia June 04, 2019
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A rare form of women, who posses beauty and super coolness. Isha represents awesomeness mixed with a random hint of strange but interesting characteristics... and often gives strange but acceptable and attractive looks to people across the room. Isha has multiple meanings, such as the ruling goddess in Sanskrit.
You're like an Isha.

I love you because you're Isha.
by oodon February 07, 2010
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She is the best girl in the world,beautiful caring..,you can call her shamyl๐Ÿ˜‚...she is like hitler when she gets angry..and she is a girl who deserves lot of love..She is cute,beautiful,and people love her very much
Isha is my best friend
by Arpit2412 July 19, 2019
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to become more likeable over time; at first being annoying, but later becoming a good friend.
Man, One Direction really Isha-ed on me. I really hate that my girlfriend left me for Harry Styles, though.
by yepyepyeppppyep June 02, 2018
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