A five - thirty minute window that a person uses when telling another person what time they will arrive at a location.
James: What time do you want to meet at my house?
Alex: Around 12ish
James: Damn, what time is that then?
Alex: You'll find out soon enough
by sarahhasaids August 12, 2010
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A new relationship status called an "ish," falls between a friend with benefits and a boyfriend/girlfriend. When you are in an "ish," you have the pros of the friend with benefits as well as those of a boyfriend/girlfriend status because you receive the sexual attention you want as well as having someone care for you platonically. A noteworthy difference between a true relationship and an "ish" is that in an "ish," there is no exclusivity. In a relationship exclusivity is assumed, while in an "ish" it is up for discussion.
1) We're not going out, but it's more than just hooking up; I'd say we're an ish.
2) Sean: "so me and Cait broke up"

Nishant: "The fuck are you talking about. You weren't together"

Shelley: "They were just ishes"
by seanrocks August 22, 2010
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Replacement for sh!t..usaully used for ppl trying to stop using profanity.
Yea..she talking all that ish now
by Chole April 13, 2008
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What remains on a plate, serving or dinner, or fast food wrappings after eating a sloppy meal. (i.e. pizza, tacos, burritos, chiminichangas, sloppy joes, etc)
"Hey man, Josh always claims the ish for his last slice of pizza. I wouldn't grab that if I were you; or be prepared to indian leg wrestle over it."
by Kurt 8 Keiner January 29, 2009
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Placed after an adjective meaning "kinda," less severity of, not as much, or not as important.
1.)Evelyn.... your always so horny...ish. NOT!
2.)Ariel? Why are you always so angry or pissy ish?
by Perhaps May 26, 2008
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