In Filipino slang, it means someone who speaks bilingual - English and Filipino. One who combines two languages in at least a single sentence. In Filipino perspective, one is a "conyo" when Filipino words are being liaised and pronounced like American English.
That guy is a conyo, he said, "Don't tapakan ang grass!"
(Don't step on the grass/ Keep off the grass)
by PinoySlang February 22, 2018
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I. Literally, translates to what has sometimes been termed the most obscene word in the English language "cunt"...
II. Usually used as a passionate, emphatic expletive (see fuck!, shit!, damn!, etc...) Significantly more vulgar than "mierda" (shit).
>>Conyo, hombre, ella sabe!

Transl.: FUCK man, she knows!

by Joe Slang December 28, 2003
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The Spanish vulgar word for vagina.

Also used in the Philippines as a semi-derogatory term for people who seem to be high-class and vain or conscious about their social status and speak in Taglish or broken-Tagalog mixed with English.
Wow, you're so conyo, you don't even know what dilis is! That's fried fish!
by CCCCCCCCCCCC December 22, 2009
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It is a Chavacano (Filipino Spanish-creole) curse word meaning Mother fucker. It is often used as an expression. (Sometimes pronounced as Conyo-bo-nana).
Ay! Conyo bos nana ka! (or Hoy! conyobonana ka!)
Meaning: (Oh!/Hey! You Mother fucker!)
by MKW-iloveyou3000 August 02, 2021
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Conyo is a term used in the Philippines to call other Filipinos who type messages/speak in a mix of Tagalog and English sentences. They do that because they think highly of themselves just because they can speak English, or they have forgotten the right Tagalog words to use. Conyo people will either have decent grammar or a really horrible one.
Hey, how are you po? My name is Juan, and gusto kita. Have you eaten na? Hehe, sorry po miss, I'm just a simpleng tao. There's no problema with being a conyo po. Sana po you won't disrespect me. (Translation: Hey, how are you? My name is Juan, and I like you. Have you eaten? Haha, sorry miss, I'm just a simple person. There's no problem with being a conyo. I hope you won't disrespect me.)
by aNythIngchicKKeInJOY October 29, 2021
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