Insulting slang term for black people. Origin is from a black person who used the handle "isajeep" on, a popular website for suburban children who have never met a black person.
omg j00 r teh isajeep!
no, j00 r!
I wonder what sex is like...
by weis December 28, 2004
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term used by ignorant rednecks who have no life so they are on the computer all day making up words.
Its origin is the deep south where almost all rednecks reside and where the average IQ is -150.
I hope an isajeep don't come 'round here and kick my sister-banging ass.
by DrJFizzle January 06, 2005
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Its slang term for "Nigger" or black people.
Its very fun to use because they dont understand what it means and thus pwned them.
Some isajeep was eating a water melon while stealing my tv!
by Dom December 05, 2004
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Short for describing one's vehicle of choice.
Frank: "Hey Chuck; What in tarnation it that vehicular device over there?" Chuck: "Why, Isajeep for damned sake."
by Dom August 17, 2006
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