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-verb: to irish up {ahy-rish uhp}

1: to put whiskey into.

2: to combine with whiskey.

3: to infuse with alcohol.
Hostess: "Can I irish up that coffee for you, dear?"
Guest: "No thanks. I have to drive home tonight."

Guy 1: "Dude, I was trying to get with Cathy last night! She's so hot, but she's such a frigid bitch!"
Guy2: "You just have to irish her up first. Then, she'll be like butter in your hand, if you know what I mean."

Son: "Why is Dad crying over that picture of Grandma?"
Mother: "He's all irished up. You know how he gets."
by Biff Atlas December 12, 2010
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To take a shower using Irish Spring body wash, replenishing your daily supply of irishness. Even if you're not Irish you can still have the freshness of Ireland.

Also works with the bar soap.
After a hard day of work, I like to irish up, down some shots of jameson and take home two chicks from the bar.
by part irishman September 10, 2009
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