A brand of leather flip flops, usually in brown. They are made with a special material so that the wearer's foot molds to it, but unfortunately creates an unattractive footprint (with all the toes).

Rainbows usually cost about $40-50 because of the quality and the brand name. I like to think of them as the Uggs of flip flops.
Reasonably rich person: In the summer, I wear my Rainbows. In the winter, I wear my Uggs.

Other person: Hmm, you have a footprint on your flip flops.

Reasonably rich person: They're not JUST flip flops, they're Rainbows!
by ncl11 September 20, 2009
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Those stupid things that come marching in. Then they crawl up your leg. And then they bite your ass, and your all like "EH! GET OUT OF MY ASS YOU STUPID RAINBOWS!"
by shmoopitty October 29, 2020
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1) A symbol of happiness.

2) Something that comes after all types of rain, but not drizzle.

3) A sign that "God" is having gay sex.
1) "I'm so happy."

2) "Why isn't there a rainbow?"
"Because it just drizzled--it didn't actually rain."
"Drizzle sucks.
"Yeah, tell me about it."

3) Ask Ben for more details
by Live.Love.Learn August 1, 2009
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Simply cheap shoes females wear. The rapper 21 savage says "most these hoes be wearing dem rainbows on they feet"
Hoe: aye baby you wanna have fun
21 savage: Fuck no bitch you be wearing dem rainbows on yo feet.
by Pube Forest February 12, 2017
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A sexual act in which a guy swallows a girl's menstrual blood.
Eww, did you hear that Tommy and Lisa did rainbows?
by mlpqaz May 3, 2008
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(rān′bō′ éd)

When a doof's atmosphere elevates to such an extreme level that it causes the releases of natural endorphins in the brain. These endorphins, combined with the enriched nature of your soul and a mixture of substances as copious as they are numerous, combine into an potent cocktail causing a blissfully euphoric emotional state in which one's identity and conscience merge into the festivals collective-being. Often expressed by dancing.
I was at Rainbow Serpent Festival with the rework crew last year, everyone was so rainbowed.
by howsyarainbow?havingagoodtime? February 4, 2014
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