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Inspired by the decor of the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV - it is ornately fabulous, but not stuffy; overdressed but still hip.
I must say, William, your jacket is sooo bellage - it really compliments your Movado watch.
by Unique Nuyorque October 9, 2012
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GIFing out, analogous to a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), is the act/art of repeating the exact same gesture or movement at least 7 times in a row to expressly elicit laughter.
Michael, don't you dig how Cheryl is totally articulating her son's name by repeatedly acting out the two words "row" (as in 'row' a boat) and "bear" (as in 'grrrr! I'm a bear!') to get across the right way to say his name, Robért? I totally do - you're so right - she's really GIFing out in a hilarious way right now! We are all laughing aren't we!?!
by Unique Nuyorque December 31, 2014
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An invitation utilizing two or more social media platforms such as evite.com, meetup.com, Facebook, etc.
You don't wanna put that shit down on paper, you wanna go electronic and have an invitement.
by Unique Nuyorque July 18, 2013
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