A social booby trap, usually set on purpose by a host intent on making sure you're available for their lame or otherwise undesirable event; most often set in person, in the flow of an otherwise harmless conversation. One should be on the lookout for this trap, and have a few handy excuses on hand to preempt or avoid making oneself unintentionally available. Trap is most effective on the honest, the sympathetic, and otherwise nice folks who can't just say "F**K off!"
Host: "Hey, great t-shirt!"
Prey: "Thanks....I made it on Cafe Press."
Host: "Cool. So are you in town this weekend?"
Prey: "Yeah, we don't go away until next month."
Host: "GREAT! Then you can come to my SmurfExchange Party on Friday night!" **BLAM: Prey has just become a victim of invitational entrapment, and now must attend lame event.
by daddymike March 04, 2012
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An unplanned sexual encounter with another man in the restroom of a gay bar.
"It was shirts vs. skins dance night at the Fuzebox and I had a sweet invite in the men's room"

"Oh, sweet invite, dude!"
by sweetinvite February 01, 2012
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An invite to a place you receive from someone, this invite is given when there's no way of the person to come. This tactic is used by boys and girl usually to show interest in the other and makes them think that you truly invited them but in all seriousness they knew you wouldn't be able to come either way. **THIS IS ALL DONE VIA TEXT OR PHONE**

In the awkward moment the girl or guy can come over... your fucked and gotta pull a pretty good excuse out of your ass.
Sebastian: im watching a movie
Becky: thats fun i like movies
Sebastian: come over and watch it with me
Becky: Its like 3 am and im already in bed can't i wish though
* Empty Invite = Success *
by BIGPolishSausage September 12, 2011
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To invite someone to an event with the main purpose of getting back at someone else who you are feeling spiteful towards, rather than because you actually want them there.
Example A:
Kevin: Do you want to be my date for Kitty's wedding?
Scotty: Oh, how appealing, a spite invite?

-- Brothers & Sisters, after Kevin finds out his boyfriend hasn't called him or left him any messages.

Example B: Your sibling pisses you off, so you go and invite their biggest enemy to your family party just to annoy your sibling. That would be a spite invite.
by Sayle August 01, 2008
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Euphemism for being fired, ejected or kicked out. Applicable to employment, parties, school, etc.
I heard he dropped out of school.

Invited to leave actually...
by GringoDeMaio September 05, 2009
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World of Warcraft term, lure someone to join your party or guild.
"we need a tank for an instance, but nobody wants to join. We need to ninja invite someone".
by Udame March 13, 2008
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a phrase to tell your friends/main crew when they go do something super fun/exciting without ever telling you or inviting you and the only way you find out about it is via a Facebook places check-in, pictures, videos, a story the next day, etc.
"Billy is DRUNK AT CAESARS PALACE with Matt, Dre, Brittany, Josh, Wes, Grayson, Lauren, Stewy, Porf, and Kalin."
Jared: thanks for the invite. snakes.
Milo: thanks for the invite.
by billdote April 10, 2011
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