Adriano is a person with great ambition and bright future. Usually exceedingly athletic and when committed to something can never be deterred. Though he won't speak often their great company when they do.
What's your friend's name?
Lucky you!
by Life Enthusiast February 24, 2019
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Adriano is the name of a majestic alpha male who is very attractive and significantly looked up at by others. He is highly respected and talked about by many.
I saw a guy at the beach yesterday, he is so hot he must be an Adriano
by Alphs* June 1, 2020
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A guido, has awesome hair and a sick body. Women love him. Not necessarily a douchebag and could be a very kind individual. Family always comes first and friends are a close second. Goes to any club that plays house music all night.
"Ayooo, Adriano wanna go to jenks tonight?!?"
"Only if I can fist pump till my friggin' arm falls off!!!!!"
by IbizaSwagga August 17, 2011
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Thats me
Cool(i think)
A good friend(I guess that’s what all the other definitions say)
Funny(I guess I am)
And idk
Adriano is cool

It’s a name
by Adfasano December 7, 2019
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Adriano is one of the most finest men you will ever meet, he has Italian root so he has great taste in food. He is a gentleman to all women and treats all of them with respect. Aside from his politeness and gentleness his has one of the biggest cocks you will ever see and is great with it in bed, he also has an amazing body and a fucking handsome face and amazing hair. Furthermore, he does amazing in school and is very ambitious. He is very athletic and good in almost all sports. He loves gaming and is fairly good at it. He is very classy for he will take you out to have fine wine and fillet mignon and will dance with you. Lastly, he loves working out and is very strong, he has very big and defined bi’s, tri’s, glutes, traps, abdomen, shoulders and calfs. If you have yourself an Adriano call yourself the luckiest girl in the world.
Alyssa: “Hey Jess I just met and Adriano!” Jessica: “Did you actually Alyssa”

Alyssa: “Yeah, and he was the dreamiest guy and the world”

Jessica: “Omg thats so cool but was he good in bed”

Alyssa: “Hell ya, he had an 11 inch cock that rocked me all night long”
Jessica “I wish I had that, my boyfriend marco only has a 3 inch that I dont even feel
by Alessia Mongi. July 13, 2021
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To question the need for individuals to wear garments while partaking in physical activity
John, "Hey, why are those kids wearing clothes while playing sport?"
Paul "Haha! You just did an Adriano!"
by Smekky.G April 29, 2010
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An Adriano (Latin: adriannus putanus) is a serious medical condition where an individual becomes Lost in Translation in the vicinity of a foreign country. The causes of this disease are unknown but is most common in Tokyo, Japan, particularly in the areas of Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku trains stations. The diseases symptoms include an language barriers, expensive shirts, conversations about vegemite, members of the same sex willing to publicly dress you; as well paparazzi style photography. The disease must be approached with caution as it is extremely contagious and may result in unwanted purchases.
an example of Adriano disease: An infected male walks into Shibuya 0101 accompanied by 2 other males. The infected male walks towards a $150 shirt. Upon examining the shirt a shopkeeper approaches him and asks for the size which the infected male has no choice but to give. Escorted to the changing room the infected male tries on the shirt while the shopkeeper engages in a delightful conversation about going to Australia on holiday and how he doesn't like vegemite. Once the infected male has tried on the shirt he proceeds to ask the other two males how the shirt looks on him. This triggers the infected male to enter the second phase of the disease. The shopkeeper thus begins to dress the infected male with a sweater and holds a pair of jeans to his waist assuring him its the latest fashion. In the meantime the two males escorting him proceed to take out a camera and initiate photographing the scene at hand. With no paramedics on call this causes the infected male to enter the final and most lethal stage of the disease. The infected male proceeds to explain that he has no interest in purchasing any of the clothes, however, the shopkeeper appears linguistically confused as his native tongue and that of the infected male are not one and the same. The shopkeeper assumes the infected male would like to purchase the shirt, unable to comprehend what no means. The purchase is made and the infected male makes a slow recovery from the disease.
by Johny Melmon December 23, 2010
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