The reason why you failed your history test. Now get off and go study!!!
We all use the internet at some point in our lives.
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by Starquti July 12, 2017
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A gargantuan system of connected computers forming a network that spans the entire planet, witch is why it is also called the world wide web.
Or simply the thing on the screen you are reading this from.
The internet (atleast the one we know about) is entirely populated by humans (maybe),this is a very good excuse as to its state,after all humans are not the most organized bunch.It is possible to find anything and i mean anything here,including things that greatly cripple our world view and how you perceive your fellow earthlings because unhindered communication reaches the depths of the subconscious.(it is a good idea to leave your right/wrong distinguishing module off as it does not apply evenly with all individuals of Homo sapiens).
Modern human-This place has everything,including virtual AIDS that wrecks your computer.
time traveling wizard-Wow we didn't really change haven't we.

Internet,the doodle pad of the human consciousness
by MC-STEEL February 16, 2014
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A vast, swirling void of pornography, television, and cringe-worthy twelve-year-olds posting Warrior Cats fanfiction.
I was an Internet user once...
by maybe i am a fish October 13, 2016
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Something we all need a serious break from.
"Isn't it ironic that the internet - that thing that contains almost all human knowledge - is somehow making us dumber?"
by áutechre December 05, 2017
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Computer term: Sourc of ALL porn
Noun: Porn database
Insult: A person who lives on porn.
"You internet, you"
by DOnna September 19, 2003
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The only safe haven for insane right wing conservative "libertarians" since supposedly the whole world is against them.

Since Most people in the real world have a IQ above 80 and have views that acknowledge the rights for pretty much anybody that's not a white,American/Israeli Christian male, right wing nuts decide to hide in the World Wide Web where it is the only place where they can be accepted by everyone for their racist, homophobic, conspiracy, pessimistic, and whiny views.
Ever noticed that whenever liberals are in disagreement with something happening with politics or the economy, they'll take it outside and protest, and socially interacting with reporters that interview them? The right wing freaks that call themselves "libertarians" only did tea party protests for a couple months and then went back into their caves because they weren't accepted by reality and cowardly talk $#!& behind their monitors.

Many subjects that they'll often cry about is "racist double standards" and "political correctness(only in their world, being correct is a bad thing").

The more whinier and over-dramatic the comment is, the more upvotes/likes they get from crybabies just like them. There are many republican comments section paradises on the Internet, with only very few of them having neutral views.

These websites include: breitbart news, 9gag, YouTube(for even worse since the comment system changed), ESPN, Facebook, yahoo! news, twitter, pajama media, and even where I'm typing this definition right now, is becoming one of them, before this was a politically nuetral site, but lately the far-right conspiracy freaks have been taking over. Note, when I list these sights Im talking about their comment boards, even though a couple are actually conservative.
by thablueprint786 August 01, 2014
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