Pertaining to the high school students in their second semester of senior year, it is the act of doing poorly on one's assingment, paper, and or tests.

This does not just go for schoolwork, can be done in all facets of life also.
dude, I totally second semestered that test.

I didnt even read the book, I'm gonna second semester it

I just second semestered that red light
A victim of senioritis. Often displays symptoms of apathy, procrastination with the realization that it-be 'it' school, sports, whatever-doesn't really matter anymore. Second semester seniors can be found lying in bed, on facebook, at a party, or anywhere that requires the least amount of work possible. The most important question to a second semester senior is:
'Does it REALLY matter?'

Students are no longer considered a second semester senior once they have graduated, whereafter procrastination and laziness is their own damn fault.
A second semester senior may have been anybody before senioritis hit- an IB/AP whiz, stoner, that foreign kid- because senioritis will claim anyone and everyone as its victim.
yo holmes, i ain't doin my psych poll- im a second semester seniorrr.

A second semester senior receives an F for both achievement and effort.

I am writing this definition instead of filling out scholarship info.
It is a good choice.
by tragicomedy January 24, 2009
A girl (who is usually studying Gender Studies) who aggressive adopts a lesbian identity late in the first year of University/College study. However by the time graduation rolls around (unlike an actual lesbian) they have abandoned this identity and are often engaged to a soon to be doctor, lawyer or accountant.

The term was used at least as far back as the early 2000s by the sex and relationships advice columnist Dan Savage.
"I'm going to come out to my folks at Christmas time."
"Maybe wait till you've had at least one serious girlfriend or even hooked up with another girl,? Make sure you aren't just a Second Semester Lesbian?"
by Lord Boofhead March 31, 2016