When two peoples fingers go in between each others. Male male interdigitizing is often awkward.
When I gave Matt a high five we interdigitized resulting in an awkward silence.

Sara and Tom were interdigitizing showing their affection for each other.
by All the names are taken March 23, 2007
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1 : To hold hands. Stemming from the root digit and inter, meaning betweenus fingerus.
Those two quagmires have known each other for 10 seconds and they're already interdigitating.
by wally_moot August 25, 2005
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holding hands before marriage with fingers interlocked.
The Puritans daughter was yelled at for having premarital interdigitation with her boyfriend.
by Pheonix55 September 20, 2010
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n. The act of holding hands before marriage.

Formed from "pre-" meaning before, "marital" meaning marriage, "inter" meaning joining, "digit" meaning finger.

Often is used by someone to give another an awkward scare because it reminds them of premarital intercourse.
Mom: So..have you and Jake had premarital interdigitation?
Daughter: Oh yeah! On the couch, on the bed, on the floor, in the kitchen, at a restaurant, looking at the stars, on a walk, ...etc.
by BrianGuyan July 02, 2011
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The cranial dysentery caused to humans (grinders) as a result of two or more high tech computers(orrigs) being strung together via a LAN connection.May also refer to the chaotic aftermath caused to said computers.
When my mate plugged his computer in,the interdigital havoc caused me to short circuit shortly before causing the house to short circuit
by grind axe October 08, 2010
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