The suggested replacement word for the verb "to be," coined by Vietnamese Buddhist Monk and scholar Thich Nhat Hanh. It means to inter-dependently co-exist. The meaning of interbeing recognizes the dependence of any one person or thing as to all other people and objects.
Not only is no man an island, but rather his interbeing is shared with the plants and animals he eats, the people who make his clothes and food, the people who populate his home, country and the very world he percieves, the insects that pollinate the trees that yeild his fruit, shade him from the sun, and provide lumber for his house.
by Anthony Yochmann April 14, 2008
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1. A concept in Buddhist philosophy, particularly emphasized by Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, that describes the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things in the universe.
2. The idea that nothing exists in isolation and that everything is connected to everything else, both in the material and spiritual realms.
3. A term used to articulate the mutual co-arising and co-existence of entities, emphasizing that one's own existence is intricately tied to the existence of others and to the whole of reality.
Understanding the principle of interbeing can lead to a more compassionate and harmonious way of living, recognizing that our actions have far-reaching implications.
by mancuso5 October 2, 2023
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The act of masterbating during the intermission of a Call of Duty match, usually immediately following an intense game.
Hold up bro, my girl didn't suck me off earlier so now i gotta interbate.
by OG Mudbone's father March 3, 2011
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The art of internal mastubation. This can be done with a finger normally by another person. The trick is to locate the prostate of a man or the G spot of a woman.
Hey dude Percy has got his finger up Cecil's bum. He's hoping to locate his prostate and get into some interbation.
by Willy Wonka 69 August 24, 2009
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