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The suggested replacement word for the verb "to be," coined by Vietnamese Buddhist Monk and scholar Thich Nhat Hanh. It means to inter-dependently co-exist. The meaning of interbeing recognizes the dependence of any one person or thing as to all other people and objects.
Not only is no man an island, but rather his interbeing is shared with the plants and animals he eats, the people who make his clothes and food, the people who populate his home, country and the very world he percieves, the insects that pollinate the trees that yeild his fruit, shade him from the sun, and provide lumber for his house.
by Anthony Yochmann April 14, 2008

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An accurate nickname for John McCain, the 2008 presidential candidate most likely to maintain the Bush administration's worst policies.
John McSame will continue the same McWar, the same federal McDebt, the same McRecession, and the same McTrade Deficit. That's McSame as Bush!
by Anthony Yochmann April 04, 2008

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To murder a human being.
The crack dealer may lay down a man for selling on his turf.
by Anthony Yochmann May 08, 2008

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Personal identification collected by law enforcement when processing an arrested suspect.
The cops took my pedigree when I was taken to the precinct.
by Anthony Yochmann April 16, 2008

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Is your tongue, according to a book entitled Vocabulum; or, The Secret Language of Crime, by George W. Matsell, written in 1859.
Shut your potato-trap and give the red rag a holiday.
by Anthony Yochmann April 07, 2008

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