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1. Short for "Damn Hot Asian Guy"

2. When a child is given this name, he is automatically damn hot looking. Everyone cannot be given this name because we need ugly people to balance out the world.
Example 1.

Dominic: Damn, I wish I was named Nhat.

Shane: No bitches, we need your ugly ass to keep the balance.

Example 2.

Mona: "ooooo..girl, i saw Nhat kissing this girl"

Amy: " WTF? Fuck that Nhat. Why he has to be so fucking damn hot looking. It's all good. Hope he can bring her home so we can have a threesome."
by DHAG March 15, 2010
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1. Phat without trying
2. Naturally hot and tempting
1. Damn! Dat shit is nhat.
2. Dude! Where's my nhatty car?
by nhat February 02, 2004
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