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A word that can be substituted for any verb with humorous effect. Made popular by the 2004 X-Box game Ninja Gaiden, in which, upon approaching any object, the game prompted you to interact with it.
"Quick, interact with that ladder before that dude fucks you up. You suck at interacting."

"If you dont shut up my cock is going to interact with your mouth."
by PISTOLsINstack July 25, 2004
A type of drug more addictive than crack and nicotine by a factor of infinity. A unit to measure the march of our meaningless lives. Progress, digitized and palpable. The currency of the soul. The slow triumph against entropy. The basic human need.

When we die, those who have collected enough xp will become one with the mind of god.

See also level-up
187349 xp till next level.
934937 xp till apotheosis.

Says the sage Vatsayana:
"In life, there is no DING to assure us of the fruits of our labor. But do not falter my son. You need not turn to the darkness of RPG's. The true DING comes from within."
by PISTOLsINstack July 25, 2004