1. A spirited pretty girl face but hood af. She knows what she wants in life and will do any thing to get it, very ambitious. She also usually has lots of friends.

Could also refer to
2. Glammy clothing
Girl 1: hey have you met thenew girl
Girl 2: yea her names jaz. Everybody knows her
by High on pixie stixs December 10, 2015
Very pretty and sexy chick. She canturn a guy on really easily and guys want to be with her. She is amazing in bed and can make all the guys want her. She is very good at sex and will pleasure her partner well. She is very beautiful and has amazing eyes. She is also a very fun and bubbly person that loves her friends and family. In relationships she is very caring and loving and thoughtful for her partner and will make him feel loved. She is a bit of a wild cat that loves parties and discos and discards any rules she has been told.
Wow she is jaz
She parties on like a jaz
That jaz is great in bed
by Blackwall64 March 30, 2013
One of the most bad-ass mother fuckers to ever walk this earth. You know you have the right to be Jaz or called Jaz when:
1. You get into at least 11.5 fights a week
2. You get wasted off your ass and never get a hangover
3. You do what you want
4. You can do anything you want better than anyone else can but your usually too lazy to and you don't want to make anyone jealous of your mad skills.
5. Your a fucking ninja
6. Your one hilarious mother fucker
7. You've never lost a fight in your life
8. Your ten feet tall, weigh two-tons, breathe fire, and can eat a hammer and take a shotgun blast standing
"Omg did you see Jaz kick that kids ass yesterday? He picked him up and threw him 500ft into the air and impaled him on a flag-post!"

Person 1:"That kid is bamf!"
Person 2: "Yea I wounld never want to mess with Jaz."
by Roy E. Munson June 18, 2008
Jaz is a woman who exudes an aura of confidence and self-assuredness. She knows what she wants and she's happy to bring other people along on her journey of self-discovery. She has a sultry voice, an attractive personality and seems to be more mature than you'd think for her age - though she knows how to goof around when the time calls for it. Jaz is the kind of woman who is so disarming you immediately feel comfortable in her presence.
Person 1: Dude I just met the most attractive woman ever in the coffee shop.

Person 2: Oh yeah, what was she like?
Person 1: You know, the kind whose confidence just draws you to her?
Person 2: Ah, sounds like a real Jaz then.
by kathrynosaur May 3, 2021
Name or Nickname for Male or Female used as a full name or an abreviation for Jason or Jasmine.
Yo Jaz what you been upto latley ?
by Jaz H August 29, 2005
Nothing is known about this person because he is a ninja. who knows he may be RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!
Dude: "I feel like there's a ninja near me?" Guy: "that's Jaz"
by jazthespaz September 6, 2011
Jaz is a totally epic human. They are amazing at fortnite and a totally stunning human. Beautiful inside and out and can ALWAYS make you laugh
Jaz is my friend.
by Marydairy July 30, 2021