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Girls on instagram who photoshop ALL of their pictures, wear pounds of makeup and have 250k followers. They claim they're models.
Friend 1: You're a model!? Who's your agency?
Friend 2: Instagram
Friend 1: oh... So you're an instagram model, not a real one
by KGenevieve October 26, 2013
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An extreme selfie taker usually with a nice body, broke, with hopes of an athlete hitting them up in their DM's to meet up and bust one inside them to get pregnant.
NFL Player A: "Yo, check out this chick! She's fine af!"
*shows phone*
NFL Player B: "Bruh, that's an Instagram model. She'll sleep with you either for fame or accuse you of rape in a couple years when you get paid."
by berm May 21, 2016
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An Instagram Model is a shallow desperate female that doesn't have the ambition necessary to become anything valuable so she adheres to a label with little or no real meaning.
Keevonna C’Ante Wilson is an Instagram Model, she has no value and beats her tiny dog to release feelings of inadequacy.
by Jessica Opal May 21, 2018
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they actually have no talent tbh they cake themselves up and live there life thru social media. Always posting pics and showing ppl there life went in fact they have no real skills or personality, they complain that ppl treat them as object when that’s all they are. You present your self as nothing but a piece of meat to look at so don’t get mad when ppl call you that when you have nothing else to offer.
see that instagram model? she’s so hot

nah she’s just a talentless object
by ColonelGetafe May 15, 2018
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They posts photos of themselves on Instagram and call themselves “models” . They aren’t actual super models but they try to look like them. They usually have many social media accounts but use Instagram the most. They are basically public figures . Ex. @bellafashionblogger
“What’s her job?”
“ she’s an Instagram model”
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by Bellafashionblogger June 15, 2018
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There is no real definition of “an Instagram model” but one could say that they usually are highly attractive people with a huge following.

This usually raises the attention of brands and sponsors, who are more than happy to partner with the “model” to gain access to their audience and leverage the model as a marketing tool.

Becoming one is a different proposition - you’d have to have a huge following, mostly because of your looks initially. Brands and sponsors will start approaching you to do specific posts about their products for payment usually - at this stage you can probably consider yourself an Instagram model
I don't really school, I'm so sexy I'll just takes lots of sexy photos of myself and become an instagram model, once I get in enough followers the sponsors will start coming in and so will the cash.
by Madaverse June 03, 2018
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Literally the only thing getting me through this year.

Btw, all these two-bit MRA woman-bashing definitions from all the basement dwellers here are hilarious and pathetic. So what if they're not "real" models, or they wear tons of makeup, or don't work through an agency? Do you not have an imagination you can indulge in the fantasy with? Porn stars and even "actual" models are way faker, but you don't complain about them... right??
Me: Check out the latest pics from my favorite Instagram models. They're so hot!
Neckbeard: *lisping and with a high pitch* She's so fake! Look at how much makeup she has on, and those pics are obviously photoshopped! She's not even a real model! She just strolls around in a bikini, snapping selfies. She wouldn't cut it in the actual modeling world, and what's mo--
Me: Man, STFU. You keep bitching and pouting like the loser you are. I'll be in my room fapping to her firm, round ass.

If you've got a problem with hot, young, and sexually liberated women stripping down to a bikini (or even topless or nude), doing sexy poses, teasing you with those eyes, sometimes bringing in her hot friends, and taking several steamy, sexy and high-quality pics, which they make available to the entire fucking world each day (if not several times a day) — and for FREE — then there's something seriously wrong with you.
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by IG Models Are Manna From God November 27, 2017
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