English word meaning: "Isn't it?" or "Is it not?"
EX when someone is asking if they are in something

"I think I'm in it, innit"?
by Zoomage November 08, 2016
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A universal "tag question" to replace all the others (isn't it, doesn't it, wasn't it, weren't they, aren't we wouldn't you, etc) and about bloody time too! While the French have n'est-ce pas and the Germans nicht wahr, we have all these different tags that make English that much more difficult to learn as a second language. What a pity it has been stigmatised by the antichav brigade ie a bunch of snobs with a trendy new hat for their class prejudices.
Be good if there was just one universal tag question innit
by Pedanta May 19, 2006
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"isn't it"

used at the end of sentences, usually for no reason.
he safe, innit

-whatever they're saying-, innit?
by International Bad Boy September 08, 2004
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People sometimes say this at the end of they're sentence, meaning you get me.
"Nah i went round to Shekka's ouse innit"
by Abz_Da_Fit_1 June 28, 2005
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Word used by chavs/pikeys/townies/muggers and of course the 15 year old teenage boy, walking through the baby section in mothercare.
Means "isn't it" well thet's the theory. Of course it's general usage is for "yes, i agree!" or "That's exactly what that private school kid said to me!"
1: ey man! that kid'as all ova' me!
2: ya mon, da kid is noots!
1: Innit blad 'e was so like in ya face 'n' all dat
2: ya mon, an'e knows dat he He' well bangt up for it lata!
1: innit man dat woman's got an 'an'bag!
2: roon!
by Gabbbzzz January 27, 2009
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Expressing agreement or conformity within a chav community. Also used as a comparitive phrase or additional word trailing the sentence.
innit bruv
good stuff innit
your mother innit

by Parallax July 03, 2003
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