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Someone who has a fairly large penis but never boasts about it.
"Damn, Peter stop being an innes and admit how big it is"
by John Kidd April 09, 2007
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A large penis weilding scotsman. they had to be large to hold heat while wearing a kilt in the scottish winter.opposite of innes(note lower case i)
girl- "that Innes really stretched me out last night"
by twisted tweaker February 01, 2007
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The result that you get if you don't hit your kids enough
person 1: Oh who's that kid

person 2: yeah that's Innes don't talk to him he's an idiot
Innes: oi hows it going yeah

Innes oh that's not a good watch you should get a g shock like mine
by whiteboi180 August 14, 2017
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