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Andreina is a girl who is very insecure but she beholds a beauty that she can't see. Her sense of humor makes everyone laugh and she tries to light up the mood by a joke here and there. She involves herself in many awkward situations of which she tends to create, her temper is also not kept at bay. She is always wearing a mask of happiness but in reality she is broken. If someone makes fun of her she fights back the tears with a joke or a sarcastic remark. She falls inlove easily and its not surprise for her friends when they find out, she also has many men and woman who love her for who she is. She is very friendly and outgoing, once you get to know her you'll have no regrets and wish to keep her forever but at first introductions she may come off as shy. She is also intelligent and wise but she portrays herself as a girl whom gives no care to the world, is stupid and makes bad desicions but in reality thats who she shows herself to seem, get to know her and you'll see a deeper side of her. She won't care of your gender, sexuality, race ext. She wants to be friends with everyone and everything and will accept you with open arms, if you ask to hangout with her she will happily let you. She is very forgiving and accepting, she also trusts people easily and sometimes those said people tend to backstab her, but she never learns. She has many regrets about her desicions in life and she also wants to find a partner who will love her for who she is.
Boy #1: oh, is that Andreina?
Boy #2: yeah she's very nice everyone likes her
Boy #1: ah, okay i'll try to approach her
by _noshitsgiven_ December 22, 2018
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The end all be all woman. A walking Aphrodite. Sends shivers down your spine. Lights everything up. Bewitching in beauty and grace.
It's The Andreina, and no mistake.
by Tusker Charleton October 15, 2012
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The girl that everyone hates she's a spoiled brat that needs attention her parents give her everything and anything she wants but what she really wants is their attention she doesn't get much of that she has a lot of scars and horrible memories and she hates getting flashbacks of things she does not want to remember she may look like if she's okay but deep down she's no she's the girl boys just use
Boy:hey is that andreina???
Boy2:yeah let's mess with her

Boy:yeah she's just a peace of shit
by Black joe May 04, 2017
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