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An online dictionary based game by shockwave. Each room has 8 players. The idea is not to play the game (guessing the other persons draw) but to fulfil your empty life with drama. This is managed by the whisper facility.

The whisper button is a miracle! This little green button is the passage whereby extremely isolated deranged individuals connect to the outside world. This is achieved by purging every last detail of your private life onto the recipient at the other end of the whisper. This type of behaviour is usually found in the adult rooms and often involves individuals who normally would only be conversing with their psychiatrist once a month to discuss the recommended dosage.

Any way as a result of this little green button gossip is spread around the rooms about everyone like wild fire. Extreme paranoia sets in, and the gamer is left with the delusion that they actually have a rich life with plenty going on. This delusion is similar to what a hardcore drug user experiences. It’s a cheap high (usually followed by a huge come down) fills a vacuous state of mind but unfortunately for the gamer their life is being ruined and wasted in a world which isn’t really there.
Typical received whisper in inklink: “Mrs F spoke with Mr U and said that you were avoiding them because of what Ms C told Mr K and apparently Mrs Y is spreading gossip about something you said with Mr O and now Mr U is avoiding me …..”

Typical reply: “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???? Wasn’t me!!!!!! Wtf!!! I’ve had enough of this chit!!!!”

by Lazy Susan December 10, 2006
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Retarded pictionary based game on Shockwave that breaks down every 3 hours. Its populated by complete and utter fucktard 12 year olds that cant draw so they write the word on the screen to get points, which they still cant spell correct, then when they lose they claim you have cheated because they took too long to ask you your ASL in a private message (which happens every 5 seconds).

After pointing out what a total inbred the rest of the room is they then try to kick you out the room using the 5 boot system, which fails because they lack hand/eye co-ordination that most people have mastered by the age of 5.
UP NEXT TO DRAW IS "Some retard that cant draw"

YOUR WORD IS............ CAT!

"er............OMG TOO HARD, BRAIN NO WORK OMG WTF LOL!111111!11111!"

*writes cat on the board in big letters, yet still manages to spell it wrong*

.....a minute later


by Fred Bloggs the 3rd July 04, 2004
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Online Multiplayer Game, It is an online version of pictionary, points are given by time taken for the word to get guessed. game is round based. Cheaters can spell the word in marker.
Game Made in flash, hosted by
After someone says something the text appears in a bubble and goes away in a motion tween, looking like a fade.
by BObo D. HObo August 02, 2004
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An online game that is made by Micromedia Flash were one user draws something and other users have to guess what the thing is that the one user is drawing.
Do you want to play ink link?
by Al "The Computer Guy" April 16, 2004
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A drawing game on Shockwave where horny 11-year-old girls and 45-year-old pedophiles take turns guessing what other players are drawing. Points are awarded to both the drawer and the guesser depending on how quickly the word is correctly guessed. Inklink has a whisper system that allows players to send private messages to one another. The game has a great concept, but is ruined by people refusing to draw because they are so busy jerking their meat. The people that actually do play usually just spell out the word instead of drawing it. The game censor itself fails because it doesn't censor the word "dick" but does censor the word "peacock," even though the game sometimes tells you to draw a peacock.
( A usual game of Inklink )

*Joins game*

RupescapeKing101 gets the word "tree" but is too fucking stupid to draw it and just spells it out.

Moments later, I get a whisper asking "ASL." I ignore it.

Then, HoLLisTeRbAbee98 joins the room...

HoLLisTeRbAbee98: hey guyzzz im liek so horneey any1 want 2 cybur?

GrandpaJoe57: Sure bb i'll send you a whisper :)

Me: Shut the fuck up and play the damn game!

*Gets booted from game*

Way to go Shockwave, you created yet another shit game.
by ServiceWithaSmile March 21, 2009
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an online pictionary game that people play when they r horny because almost everyone wants to cyber or exchange pics
inklink lvr: r u horny?
sexyguy: oh yeah wanna cyber?
inklink lvr: yeah! lets roleplay!!
by tiffanyy12341552 December 23, 2008
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