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video game developer located in Encino, California which is popular for its call of duty games notably call of duty 4.
LeVon="yo whatchu know bout infinity ward bluh"

Charles= "you mean those west coast niggas that made call of duty 4?...there sick as hell"

Webster="yo whatchu know bout treyarch"

LaBarack="dog dont ruin my high man..."
by disABALa June 23, 2008
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A company known to favor the XBOX Community, many believe most of the employees have secret affairs with bill gates.
Jerry: Yo man, you heard about the new DLC from Infinity Ward for COD?

Paul: Yeah, it's only for 360 though.
by JoKeR_ September 11, 2008
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A gaming company known for the creation of Call of Duty. People like their Call of Duty games more than Treyarch's mainly because of Graphical reasons and not because of gameplay and enjoyment reasons.
Guy 1: Treyarch is better than Infinity Ward
Guy 2: No they're not, their graphics suck!
by xHawkEyex December 26, 2012
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A once good company that now has become run by Jews who make games for money and dont care about their fans
"Dude I always buy you beer, stop being an Infinity Ward buy something for someone else"
by CrustyTurdSack July 18, 2020
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