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Perhaps one of the nicest cities in the Valley. Encino is mostly hills and most houses are huge and have amazing views of the valley lights at night. People in Encino tend to be nice and down to earth even if they do have a Tesla or a Bentley parked in their driveway. You can find the typical soccer mom in encino sending her kids to encino little league or something similar. Often times kids from encino are sent to schools far away since most of the close ones suck. Private schools, or even schools in LVUSD All in all, encino is a pretty nice area.
"What part of LA are you from?"

"Oh awesome I love that place, so you have a nice house?"

"Hell yeah, if you ever wanna go to a view just come to my place"
"Sick bro"
by Imveryimportant June 10, 2015
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a place where all myspace whores reside. Also, no smoking is allowed at all, so if you're smoking up front of your house, best believe five O and a bunch of CIA freaks will show up to arrest you. Then Immortal Technique will sing a song about it.
Encino Idiot #1: "Dude, don't you know that you're not allowed to smoke here?"
Encino Idiot #2: "You're right, let's go to Starbucks"
by ArtPerro March 24, 2007
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