A bullshit term used by communist liberals to say that people that are not communsits are bad because they are "increasing socioeconomic inequality". Socioeconomic inequality IS NOT A BAD THING. True socioeconomic equality is COMMUNISM, where no matter how much you work your ass off you get the same amount of stuff as a someone who does no work at all. Socioeconomic inequality exists because some people in this world work hard, and some are lazy. People who say it is a bad thing are communists.
Most people think that socioeconomic inequality is a bad thing, when really it's not.
by Mattalonsas July 9, 2004
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When some corona variants see themselves more powerful or attention-grabbing than others, because of their higher rate of infection, transmission, or destruction.
Just when the UK and Indian Covid-19 strains thought they were the most dangerous viruses plaguing the world, the Vietnamese or North Korean variant could outwit them both, thus showing that the viral inequality between present variants and new hybrids is getting wider over time.
by 🦠₉₁₁ May 31, 2021
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Inequality means something that is not equal to something else. Such as less than and greater than.
What's the inequality between 62 and 57?
by my name is pizza pie March 8, 2021
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Life's punishment. When you had too much quality of life, so you get inequality.
Me: Opens 57727 chests
What I get: 56344 commons, 826 uncommon, 6 epics, and 0 legendaries
Me: Erupts into a hell hole
Me, aftermath: Fucking Inequality of life... Why does it just exist?
by HellInferno November 8, 2021
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When the number π feels marginalized in some puritan or theocratic quarters as it is allowed only to express itself to one or two decimal places, or to two or three significant figures, while such a numerical oppression is quasi-inexistent in most countries in the West.
Due to oft-unspoken pi inequality, π in different milieux is not treated equally or fairly.
by Fasters December 15, 2021
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When mostly corrupt or undemocratic developing countries blame the rich nations for hoarding the vaccines and expect them to fund their vaccination needs on moral grounds, as few could afford to buy them for their own citizens—when beggars become choosers and accusers, and donors are viewed as hoarders and betrayers.
WHO argues that vaccine inequality threatens global Covid-19 recovery, but avoids to address the root causes for the poor health systems plaguing most developing nations.
by 🦠₉₁₁ April 18, 2021
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