A political and military conflict between economic classes. The idea is typically identified with Marx, who characterized revolutions as conflicts between economic classses, when a new, growing class comes into conflict with an established upper class.

Used by the American "right wing", the term is used to accuse Democrats of attacking wealthy people. This is often rhetorically disguised so people may interpret it as an attack on the "middle class".
Ari Fleischer: "The President does not believe in dividing the American people and playing class warfare."
by wildgift September 28, 2007
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Asking the rich to help the poor and/or pay any taxes at all. Also known as "socialism", "Marxism", and "communism".
Liberal: Why is it so much to ask that rich Republicans pay their share in taxes and help the poor out a little, if they claim to be such devout Christians all the time?
Teabagger: COMMIE! SOCIALIST! That's CLASS WARFARE! Who cares about those worthless lazy welfare queens starving to death when gazillionaires all over America are struggling to afford their yachts, Hummers, private islands, and toilet paper made out of 100 dollar bills?
by rtv0587 February 9, 2012
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Competition between socioeconomic classes: rich, middle-class and poor. It occurs most often in capitalist countries where politicians use it to get votes, by enacting legislation that supposedly puts one class at an advantage over the other. For example, liberals and Democrats in the United States often use the words TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH as an excuse to not support a tax cut of any kind to anyone, while Republicans complain that high taxes are burdensome for the rich and owners of small business (middle-class). In the Presidential election of 2008, Democrat candidate Barack Obama accused his opponent, Arizona Senator John McCain, of owning too many homes while McCain charged Obama of being out of touch with middle-class, middle American ideals. Politicians also utilize class war in an effort to promote universal healthcare, claiming it will help the poor and put everyone at an even playing field, but conservatives claim it will create burdensome taxes on the rich. Class warfare is also seen in corporate America as lower paying employees or members of unions sometimes protest what they perceive as unfair business practices of rewarding corporate executives with big bonuses, excessive raises and inflated salaries, while the lower paying middle-class workers are forced to accept pay cuts and job losses and concessions. The redistribution of wealth is another example where the rich are forced to surrender more of their earnings in higher taxes and give them to the poor. Another example is found in welfare, that gives money to the poor.
Wheather class warfare exists or not, ALL politicians use it to their advantage to get votes.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com April 2, 2009
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class warfare:

Despite assumptions to the contrary, class warfare is not a war between classes. it is, instead, the fuedal practise of attacking someone of equal rank first, and leaving others to take on people of thier own rank.
The fuedal warfare system ended with the hundred years war, when class warfare was eliminated for trained armies of all classes.

*A user said this should be deleted: "Some fucker speaking out of his rich fucking arse. He wouldn't know class warfare when it is burning down his fucking house."*

Wow, props to the genius there who can magically determine wealth from a historically accurate definition. Maybe you should not confuse yourself with inter-class warfare eh, Fuckwit.
by ­ July 9, 2004
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Whenever the democrats propose plans that will help the middle class, the republicans always accuse them of class warfare, primarily because the republicans don't have any substantive arguments to back up their regressive policies. Class warfare can't really be defined, because it doesn't really mean anything.
Barack Obama: My economic plan will benefit the middle class.

Bill O'Reilly: But that's class warfare!

Barack Obama: Um... what does that even mean?

Bill O'Reilly: ummm.... WELL DO IT LIVE!

John McCain: Black Saddam Hussein Osama wantz to fuel class warfare by razin yer taxes!

Someone who's informed: Um... no he doesn't...

John McCain: Um... WELL DO IT LIVE!
by arrgitsasnake September 21, 2008
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