The type of guy that Nicole Chillingworth likes. Tends to be otherwise known as gay, loserish, fruity, and plays the guitar. Most girls would know this person as someone you want to refrain from being seen talking to.
Hanging out with Indies is basically social suicide, and Nicole Chillingworth freely chooses to get with them.
by Randy Corefour October 03, 2010
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Not the guy that looks like the short-stack drummer. The term "indie" simply means individual, and the people following the 'indie scene' are posers trying too hard.

Indie music consist of bands like Muse, Arctic Monkeys...mainly weird english bands.
-dude, you look like the short-stack drummer!

-nah man, i'm just indie

by jack.whitney.is.gay July 04, 2010
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Pretty much the new scene kid, but lazy, and kinda worse

the idea is to spend a lot of time doing your hair and choosing your outfit (like scene) but instead of looking like this, you want to look like you slept with your hair wet.
They will Pretty much eat anything pushed out by Urban outfitters up (See Hottopic 2.0) except their so indie they'll steal it and hide it in their designer purse.
In about 9 months, people will hate the Indie trend as much as they did scene.
by the art trend sucks March 17, 2009
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indie is the greatest type of music ever. it is short for independant and is different to other music. `indie` bands normally dont have labels or didnt and know do. new bands are kaiser chiefs and arctic monkeys

indie is also a social group like goths or chav. these are independant and do their own thing.
Poser - im so kool i smoke like all the kool kids
Indie kid - ur a faggot u follow everyone else
by Daniel R. January 12, 2006
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short version of the name india, usually slightly strange.

also a type of music.
indies relly weird dont you think.
by cataloguelady July 10, 2008
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One who works in a certain industry and demonstrates habits/characteristics because of it; or uses terminology relevant only to that industry.
1)Lindsey says: "I was the closer tonight and we were slammed! I was in the weeds for 2 hours after getting triple sat. Luckily the double L bussed my section for me before she got cut."

Leigh: "You're such an Indie".

2)At the restaraunt we had dinner at, Lindsey was being such an Indie. She collected all the menus from our friends and handed them to our server when we were done ordering."
by Indie1 March 05, 2007
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