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Lyle Burruss, co-creator of Machinima series Sanity Not Included sometimes referred to by his YouTube name guitarmasterx7. Featured on the 22nd installment of Creature Talk where he had his own section called "Lyle's Hard-Hitting Questions" in which he would ask callers or The Creatures questions such as the famous "Gorilla Question" which goes as follows: "You are in an avalanche, and you've been injured. You come to and you realize your left arm's been broken and you can't move it, and you've got this huge wall or rock and ice whatever and behind it you've got your right arm which is for some reason holding onto a knife and you've got your dick. Your right arm you can kind of struggle out but you have to let go of the knife and your dick is just hopelessly stuck, you can't get it out. So, there's a news helicopter that's flying by that if you could just wave to them with your right arm you could flag them down and it'd take them about 3 hours to get to you. Now here's the twist, there's a very horny silverback gorilla behind you that is going to buttfuck you for all three of those hours, on live television as the news broadcasts it until they rescue you. Now your other option, only other option, is to use the knife that is trapped behind the ice wall to cut off your dick and you'd just lose it forever but you can run and make it back just fine but you have to lose your dick. So, do you cut off your dick, or do you enjoy 3 hours of televised gorilla buttfucking?
Person with good taste 1: "Man guitarmasterx7 is fucking hilarious!"

Person with good taste 2: "I know! Sanity Not Included is the best!"

Person with bad taste: "Who dafuq is that?"
by hermel October 10, 2013
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