A way to reinforce the importance of a statement.
I'm so high man, in life.
by kaina December 15, 2004
It is used after every sentence in the gangsta neighbourhood of Treeline, used as an adjective
"When are we going to do teh project IN LIFE"
" I dunno...?"
by Sean December 4, 2004
The best response to the pointless question "how's life?"
Them: Hey dude! How's life?
You knowing this is a horrible conversation starter: life is life
by Jezij August 31, 2018
A sexually-transmitted, terminal disease.
by Anonymous May 27, 2003
A timed multiple choice exam - which most people end up failing.
by nethcev! August 26, 2006
the activity you are participating in currently
Insert Name is reading UrbanDictionary because it is the most intriguing activity that Insert Name could think of doing at the moment in his life.

(Sailor Jerry says hi)
by wittyname January 19, 2010